Ben Salango wants to grow career opportunities across the state. What’s missing from West Virginia is that there aren’t enough good-paying jobs that allow people to provide for their families and retire with dignity. Ben’s vision is not just more jobs—it’s more opportunities for career advancement, to keep our young people here and our families together.  

As governor, Ben Salango will make sure workers are prepared for in-demand fields. He will emphasize vocational and technical training for those who decide college isn’t for them.  

Salango will work to pass legislation so that all state projects will use prevailing wage and give priority to West Virginia owned companies and West Virginia workers. As a Kanawha County Commissioner, Ben built the Shawnee Sports Complex using union labor. It was done on time and on budget.  

Ben will implement paid family leave for West Virginia’s public employees, to mirror the new 12-week paid family leave policy at the federal level. It’s something he was able to accomplish in Kanawha County.  


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