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Salango up on TV with First General Election Statewide Ad Buy

September 8, 2020

CHARLESTON, WV--As the campaign season enters the post-Labor Day final push, Democratic nominee for West Virginia Governor Ben Salango announced today a significant statewide ad buy. The spot entitled “Raised Better,” highlights Ben’s humble Mountain State beginnings and details how he will be a fighter for everyday West Virginians, not just the wealthy few. 


“West Virginians across the state are responding to Ben’s message and our campaign is thrilled to reach out to many more with this latest ad buy,” said Kelsi Browning, Communications Director for Salango for Governor. “Unlike Jim Justice, Ben will be a governor who is about public service, not self service. Ben has never forgotten where he’s come from and has made a career out of fighting for the little guy. That’s the kind of leader he will be for West Virginia, and Mountain State voters are ready to make a change to Salango at the ballot box this November,” concluded Browning.


“Raised Better” will also run on digital platforms. 

Please see below for a transcript of the ad:


Ben Salango:


I grew up in a two-bedroom trailer in Raleigh County.


It was a big deal when we got our first washer and dryer.


I’m Ben Salango. My family worked hard to build a business and even harder to pay the bills. 

Jim Justice is a billionaire who’s been sued over 600 times for not paying his bills. And who made a secret deal with the government he controls to give himself tax breaks.


I mean c’mon. I’ll never betray West Virginia like that. 


I was raised better.