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The top priority is to keep our children, teachers, and service personnel safe. We can’t just shift the calendar. There must be a plan in place for all counties to follow and give local school districts the support they need. 


As governor, Ben will:


  • Make sure every WV student has a hot spot and a device to learn from home ($80 million).


  • Require adaptability of any planning to reflect on-the-ground realities of the outbreak district-by-district.


  • Install proper ventilation equipment in classrooms and on school grounds.


  • Temperature check systems at all public schools ($6 million). For children with additional or special needs, make available resources for overall wellness checks to include nutrition, physical health, mental health, and housing status.


  • Health professionals at every school ($30 million). 


  • Supply PPE for all teachers, service personnel, and students. 


  • Upgrade cleaning equipment to properly sanitize school facilities and buses ($810,000).


  • Available COVID-19 testing for staff and students. 


  • Allow for teachers and students in at-risk populations or cohabiting with members of at-risk populations to have virtual options & reasonable accommodations.


  • Increase busing capacity to maintain social distancing to and from school. 


  • Better student to teacher ratio for virtual learning and in-classroom learning. This means additional certified teachers and support staff. 


  • Establish a statewide trigger system warning, where if any county in West Virginia starts to spike, the county will cancel all in-person learning until levels go down.