CHARLESTON, WV – Today, the Ben Salango for Governor campaign released the “Save Rural Hospitals" plan in response to recent closures at Fairmont Regional Medical Center and the Ohio Valley Medical Center.  

“West Virginia’s next governor must do everything in his power to protect rural hospitals and healthcare, as well as the jobs they bring to rural communities,” said Ben Salango. “West Virginia should establish an emergency loan program to save struggling rural hospitals to keep them from closing. Next, we should implement the Pennsylvania Rural Health Model as a blueprint and start global budgets for struggling hospitals in West Virginia. Our plan will also increase reimbursement rates for Medicaid and PEIA. Under a Salango administration, West Virginia will ensure that patients have access to high-quality care, while also reducing the cost of hospital expenditures.” 

You can read the plan HERE:

The Save Rural Hospitals Plan will:  

1.  Establish a loan program to save struggling hospitals before they close 

2.  Require that Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services and other participants pay rural hospitals a fixed amount, set in advance to cover inpatient and hospital-based out-patient services 

3.  Build free-standing emergency rooms and small format hospitals 

4.  Implement an annual “stress test” all rural hospitals BEFORE they close their doors and lay off employees. 

“Ben Salango understands that protecting rural hospitals is critical for patients across West Virginia, as healthcare access is already limited to so many rural communities. From the jobs that rural hospitals provide to the emergency care that saves lives every single day, this plan will save rural hospitals, save jobs, and save lives,” said Del. Michael Angelucci. “Ben Salango is the best choice for those who want a governor that is committed to solving real problems that West Virginia is facing. He is a qualified leader who has real plans that can be implemented on day one. I look forward to seeing this policy in action.”