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Salango Praises Restoration of Water to Keystone, Criticizes Justice’s Inaction

Justice failed to pay local taxes and repair bill for damaged water line

September 23, 2020

CHARLESTON, WV--Today, Democratic Nominee for Governor Ben Salango issued the following statement on clean, drinkable water being restored to Keystone after nearly a decade of being under a boil water advisory. Salango visited Keystone to learn more about the water crisis in August.


He also called out Justice for not paying the repair bill on a Keystone water line damaged by a Justice company truck. 


“After nearly a decade of being under a boil water advisory, I am pleased to see the people of Keystone will have access to clean and safe drinkable water in their community,” Democratic Nominee for Governor Ben Salango said. “However, a non-profit organization should not have to step in to make the necessary repairs when there is room in the state budget to do so. Jim Justice’s inaction on this water crisis and many more around the state is a disgrace. As governor, I will make sure that we invest in West Virginia’s infrastructure and ensure everyone has access to clean water,” concluded Salango. 


Last year, Keystone Mayor Vondelere Scott sent a company in the Justice holdings an invoice for a repair bill to fix a busted pipe. A truck from a Justice-run company created damage after repeatedly driving on roads marked “no trucks.” He has yet to pay.