West Virginia leads the nation in opioid dependence and now we must lead the nation in treatment. 


The Problem 

  • West Virginia leads the nation in overdose deaths. 

  • Opioid manufacturers flooded WV with 780 million pain pills in 6 years and created a public health epidemic. 

  • Opioid epidemic costs WV $8.8 billion annually. 

  • Opioid addiction costs each WV resident $4,793 per year. 

  • Opioid manufacturers recorded record profits off WV’s pain. 


The Plan 

  • Comprehensive inpatient treatment. Followed by 3-6 months of inpatient services. Campus residents will attend school to attain GED, high school diploma or, for those with a diploma or GED, an associate degree (3 months to 1 year). 

  • Campus residents will attend vocational training (3 months to 1 year). 

  • Campus residents will work with businesses that will be located on site. Businesses will receive substantial tax credits to participate in the program and on the job training. 

  • Residents will have on campus housing and will receive life skills training including financial planning and management. 

  • Daycare will be provided for residents with children. 

  • Campus residents will receive career assistance and job placement upon completion of the program. 

  • Campus residents will attend voluntarily or through alternative sentences from circuit judges. This will help with prison overcrowding and focus on treatment and recovery. 

  • Work with drug courts and other recovery centers for efficiency. 

  • Work with union halls to develop apprenticeship programs so graduates have good paying jobs upon completion of the program. 

  • All facilities will be built with union labor. 



  • Tax opioids to fund facilities and programs.


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