Blind Trusts For All Statewide Officials: Require all members on the Board of Public Works to put 100% of their assets into a blind trust to avoid conflicts of interest. 


Release Details of Major Tax Settlements With The State: Disclose all delinquent tax settlements to avoid any sweetheart deals. 


Disclose All Business Debts for Statewide Officials: To ensure there are no conflicts of interest, personal financial disclosures must include debts owed by an official’s businesses. This would have revealed to the public that Jim Justice owed $3.1 million to FirstEnergy before he signed a bill giving them a $12 million dollar tax break. 


Require disclosure of all litigation to which elected officials or their businesses are a party: Pending lawsuits shouldn’t influence the decision making of our elected officials. 


Create the Office of Inspector General: It will serve as independent government watchdog with authority to bring prosecutions. 


Elimination of ethics exemption for legislators who do business with the state: There must be greater transparency for lawmakers who benefit from state government contracts.


Go After Corrupt Politicians Corporate Criminals: Provide resources for the state police to go after white-collar criminals and corrupt politicians. 


Investigate Worker Safety and Workplace Related Deaths: Increase the capacity to investigate companies putting workers at risk. 


Establish a Corruption Hotline: Allow citizens to text and call to report abuses of power from government officials. 


Crackdown on Corporate Fraud: Protect consumers by going after companies who fail to live up to their promises. 


Ban All Political Contributions During The Legislative Session: Prohibit any type of campaign contribution to Delegates, Senators, and members of the Board of Public Works during the regular legislative session. 


Increase Transparency: Mandate transparency from “dark money” groups who try to influence West Virginia elections. The goal is to disclose every dollar being spent on electioneering in the Mountain State. 


Building A Stronger Ethics Commission: The Ethics Commission needs to have more teeth to crack down on vote-buying, pay-to-play schemes, and address state and local level corruption. 


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