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Raleigh County Sheriff Says Justice Still Hasn’t Paid Over 400 Tax Bills

September 29, 2020

Billionaire Governor has 428 Tax DelinquenciesTotaling $205,427 in Raleigh County Alone

CHARLESTON, WVIn the latest delinquent tax report from the Raleigh County Sheriff, records show that Governor Jim Justice has $205,426 in unpaid property taxes that he owes to Raleigh County. This is money that goes to fund public schools, law enforcement and first responders.

These unpaid Justice taxes to Raleigh County were listed back in June and published again last week in The Register-Herald. 

Justice has a history of not paying his taxes or bills. In fact, as Salango’s first general election ad “Raised Better” points out, he has been sued over 600 times. The ad also cites a secret deal Justice made as governor with his own businesses to give himself a tax break. 

“My home county deserves better. Jim Justice is all about self-service, often at the expense of hardworking West Virginians,” said Democratic Nominee for Governor Ben Salango. “Justice is the richest man in the state and refuses to pay his taxes and it ends up hurting schools, law enforcement, and first responders. Time and time again, Justice has robbed our state of money to fix roads, prepare and protect our first responders, or invest in our schoolchildren while hardworking West Virginians foot the bill,” concluded Salango.

As governor, Ben will end secret tax deals and tax breaks for public officials and their companies. He will force state officials to place their corporate assets in a blind trust and will ensure that all candidates for office are current on their state or local taxes.