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Jim Justice Isn't Telling The Truth
Justice caught using a Greenbrier employee to lie about Salango

October 5, 2020

Today, Governor Jim Justice launched a false attack ad on Ben Salango. The ad features a Greenbrier doctor on Justice’s payroll spreading lies about Salango. 


“It’s a shame that Jim Justice is forcing one of his Greenbrier employees to lie to voters. It’s not something a leader does, especially in the middle of a crisis like COVID-19. Justice is trying to cover up his failed record on health care that allowed rural hospitals to close and left WV ranked 48th in health care,” said Ben Salango, Democratic nominee for governor. 



The truth is that Salango fought for women who were sexually assaulted by a doctor who took advantage of them while under anesthesia, fought for patients who had unnecessary heart stents put in by a doctor committing fraud, and stood up for patients who contracted Hepatitis C because a doctor used dirty needles. 



Salango added, “Jim Justice is desperate. It’s sad that our governor would attack the victims of sexual assault and West Virginians being wronged by his broken health care system.”