Ben Salango will return the power to the citizens of West Virginia and regain the public’s trust by rooting out corruption in government. He believes that state government must have stricter compliance with the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) so the public can see exactly how our government is run.  

West Virginians were outraged when Jim Justice made a secret tax deal for himself and his companies and again when he refused to put his assets into a blind trust. As governor, Ben will end secret tax deals and tax breaks for public officials and their companies. He will force state officials to place their corporate assets in a blind trust and will ensure that all candidates for office are current on their state or local taxes. 

A Salango administration will increase the transparency of deals with foreign governments and corporations receiving assistance from the taxpayers of West Virginia. We shouldn’t be left in the dark when countries like China want to control our natural resources.  

As a county commissioner, Ben understands the role local governments must play in economic development projects that involve state resources. He will make it a priority to involve local government in state decisions that impact a community. Ben believes that there should be approval by the relevant county commission of any state-funded development within the county to prevent a repeat of the flawed process we saw with Rockwool in Jefferson County. 

Ethics Reform

Ben Salango is committed to strengthening and fully funding the State Ethics Commission to identify conflicts of interest. In order to ensure state leaders do the job they were elected to do, Salango will implement an online public calendar for the governor, board of public works, and all agency heads. 


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