Ben Salango will fight the escalating cost of healthcare because quality care should not be reserved exclusively for the wealthy few. He will make health care affordable and accessible and will protect the 800,000 West Virginians with pre-existing conditions. Ben will fight for a cap on monthly insulin co-pays and make prescription drugs affordable.  

He will immediately eliminate the Intellectual/ Developmental Disabilities (IDD) waiver waitlist using surplus Medicaid funds. He will utilize tele-health technology to give rural communities better access to health care.

As governor, Salango will increase Medicaid reimbursements to prevent local rural hospitals and health care providers from going bankrupt. 

He will strengthen healthcare protections to help consumers who are wrongly denied health insurance coverage. 


As county commissioner, Salango passed a 12-week paid family leave policy for Kanawha County employees. He wants to do the same for public employees in West Virginia.

He will establish an application process to apportion any Medicaid surplus to locally-owned rural hospitals, health care providers, and clinics who are struggling to stay open.

Ben will break up the bureaucracy at DHHR so that health care can be more accessible and transparent to the people of West Virginia. As governor, he will make sure that insurance companies aren’t taking advantage of Mountain State families.  


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