Kanawha County Commissioner Ben has spent his career representing the little guy and fighting for West Virginians. Ben never gives up and isn’t afraid to roll up his sleeves to work hard for West Virginia. 


People said getting 12 weeks of paid family leave for Kanawha County workers couldn’t be done. Salango got it done. People said the Shawnee Sports Complex couldn’t be built. Salango got it done on time and on budget. Now, It's an economic engine for residents and small businesses. Ben Salango has a proven record of getting things done.


As governor, Ben Salango will rebuild our economy and get people back to work. He will invest in our public schools and education, fix our roads and bridges, fight for small businesses, and make West Virginia proud.


Ben Salango has the endorsement of the AFL-CIO, West Virginia Sheriffs, and West Virginia Fire Fighters because they know that he gets things done. 

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