January 16, 2020


CHARLESTON, WV – Today, Kanawha County Commissioner Ben Salango was joined by friends and family as he officially filed to run for governor.

Salango issued the following statement


"I’m stepping up to run for governor because West Virginia needs new leadership. Our state is losing population, there aren’t enough jobs, the roads are falling apart, and the opioid crisis is out of control. I’ll be a governor who will always put West Virginia first because for me it’s about public service, not self-service.  

I’ve fought for the little guy my entire career. I’m in this race to get things done for West Virginia’s working families. As Kanawha County Commissioner, I focused on diversifying the economy through sports tourism, turning the unemployed into entrepreneurs, and making Kanawha County better for us all. Now, more than ever, we need a forward-thinking leader to fix West Virginia.

It’s truly an honor to be surrounded by so many friends and family to officially launch this campaign to take back our state. I love West Virginia and I know that we can reach our full potential if we have a governor who actually shows up to work every day and fights for the people."

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WATCH: Ben Salango is the first Democratic candidate to file to run for governor of West Virginia

Since Salango launched his campaign in October of 2019, he has picked up several key endorsements including former Gov. Gaston Caperton, Teamsters Local 175, and the Upper Ohio Valley Building Trades. Salango began 2020 with more cash-on-hand than all other candidates for governor, Democratic and Republican, combined.