Under a Salango administration, teachers and school service personnel will not have to strike to get what they deserve because Ben knows that the real road to prosperity in West Virginia is through the classroom. Ben believes that strong public schools make for a stronger West Virginia. He will give educators a raise in order to recruit and retain teachers and school service personnel. Ben will make sure educators are treated like the professionals they are so that our kids have access to the best and brightest teachers West Virginia has to offer. Ben supports tax incentives for public school employees.

He will fight for smaller class sizes and funding for full-time nurses and mental health counselors in every school. He will support trauma-informed training for all education professionals who find themselves on the front lines of the opioid epidemic.  

In addition to teaching, our educators are expected to act as social workers. Salango believes that every school in West Virginia should have a dedicated social worker.

As governor, Ben will make West Virginia the strongest state in the country for vocational and job skills training. He wants training facilities across the state that can prepare students and out-of-work adults for new opportunities.

He will support a student loan reduction bill and a first-time homebuyer tax credit to incentivize people to stay in West Virginia. Ben wants to give students the ability to earn an associate degree when they graduate high school. He is committed to bringing school service personnel salaries over the poverty line.  


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