As a small business owner himself, Ben Salango understands how important small businesses are to West Virginia. He will help grow small businesses by adapting the successful formula he developed in Kanawha County that turned the unemployed into entrepreneurs.  

Salango worked to create the Upper Kanawha Business Assistance Program (UKAN), a program dedicated to creating entrepreneurs in the Upper Kanawha Valley, a part of the state that has been heavily affected by the loss of coal jobs. UKAN is a loan forgiveness program aimed at helping small businesses expand, and Ben wants to bring it to communities across West Virginia when he’s governor.  

Right now, West Virginia has a part-time governor who isn’t promoting the boundless possibilities the Mountain State has to offer. Ben Salango will market and sell West Virginia’s energy to the world.  Has Jim Justice ever traveled to places like India to promote our coal or natural gas? The answer is no. Ben will be a governor who focuses on bringing in foreign investment to create West Virginia jobs.  

The different regions of West Virginia present unique opportunities to attract business and create jobs. As governor, Ben Salango will work with local leaders across the state to create a long-term growth plan for each region. 

He will strengthen our workforce by expanding skills training for in-demand fields. He will grow sports tourism for the whole state of West Virginia, just like he did with the Shawnee Sports Complex.  Salango took a nine-hole golf course in Kanawha County that was losing money and turned it into a sports complex that brings in millions of dollars to the Kanawha Valley each year by hosting travel youth sporting events.  

Access to broadband is essential for students, businesses, and anyone else trying to compete in the 21st century.  As governor, Ben will expand broadband access across West Virginia. Whether you live at the head of a holler or in a downtown neighborhood, a Salango administration will fight to make sure you can access broadband.

There are too many college grads each year leaving West Virginia because we don’t have enough IT jobs available. Ben believes that expanding broadband will grow technology jobs across West Virginia. 


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