Ben Salango believes that all West Virginians should have access to clean air, clear water, and that we need to protect West Virginia’s natural beauty. 


As governor, Salango will protect the drinking water of West Virginians and preserve the Mountain State’s public waterways. 


Ben’s Plan to Protect Our Water:


  • Hold corporations accountable and make them clean up their mess if they pollute our drinking water. 


  • Support infrastructure projects to provide clean water in rural communities. 


  • Increase transparency, testing, and reporting of water quality from state government. 


  • Learn from the lessons of the 2014 water crisis by introducing recommendations from the WV Public Water System Supply Study Commission.


  • Create tax incentives for water clean up projects that benefit the public. 


  • Build an emergency response task force to deal with water crises. Including a stockpile of bottled water.

  • Use C.A.R.E.S. Act money to repair crumbling infrastructure to bring back access to clean water.


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