AFT West Virginia Endorses Salango for Governor


July 15, 2020

CHARLESTON, WV — Today, Ben Salango’s campaign announced the endorsement of the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) for governor of West Virginia. Citing his commitment to public education, and increased pay and benefits for educators and school service personnel, the union threw their support behind his candidacy.


AFT-WV believes that Ben Salango is the best choice to improve West Virginia’s public schools because he will fix PEIA, make sure every school has a nurse and a social worker, and make sure every classroom is filled with a certified teacher. 


AFT-WV represents over 10,000 teachers, service personnel, and State employees.


“In an age when our educators and school professionals are on the front line against a pandemic, those who devote themselves to serving our state’s children deserve a fierce advocate in Charleston,” said Fred Albert, president of AFT-West Virginia. “We are proud to support Ben Salango for governor because we know he will fight for students and teachers to return to a safe learning environment that will pave the path to a more resilient and prosperous future.”


Albert continued, “Ben Salango is a product of West Virginia public schools and will deliver for parents, students, and the dedicated employees who keep our schools running every single day. His modest upbringing gives him unique insight to the struggles of working families in our state. If anyone understands the importance of a high-quality public education in achieving success in life, it’s Ben Salango.”


Salango added, “Teachers and service personnel won’t have to strike to get what they deserve when I’m governor. On my first day in office, I’ll call for a special session to fix PEIA. Education will be a priority and my door will be open to every educator in our state. The real road to prosperity runs through the classroom and I’m committed to lifting up every school in WV.”


Earlier this year, Salango was endorsed by the WV School Service Personnel Association.