“I'm ready to fight for you and move West Virginia forward. Let’s Go!”
– Ben

Meet Ben

Ben Salango is a father, husband, lawyer and business person. In January 2006, he co-founded the law firm Preston & Salango, where he has fought for justice for hundreds of clients. Ben has been named one of the Best Lawyers in America, including Lawyer of the Year in 2019, for his work fighting against corporations and special interests on behalf of regular West Virginians who otherwise would not have a voice.

Ben is a member of the Kanawha County Commission, where he has worked to create much-needed jobs for people with the UKAN business start-up program and fought to give young West Virginians an alternative to drugs and crime by fighting for the Shawnee Sports Complex.

Now Ben is running for Governor, where he’ll always put West Virginians first and stand up to corrupt politicians and the special interests who put their agendas ahead of honest, hardworking people. He will work overtime to create jobs and give people hope for a better future. He’ll fight the scourge of the prescription drug epidemic and bring new industries to West Virginia to replace the jobs we’ve lost. He believes in West Virginians and knows that together we can accomplish great things for the Mountain state. Let’s Go West Virginia!

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